Culture Shock in Luxembourg



An expat in Luxembourg may find it awkward mingling with the locals in the beginning. It is because these people can be very touchy or formal depending on the situation. Usually, they don't like physical contact when talking. But sometimes, they like to hug and shake hands.

When moving to Luxembourg, one has to grow the skill for differentiating situations where locals are open to touching and when they would rather keep their distance. Usually, when one wants to be a friend or initiate a more personal relationship with another, touching can be fine. Other than that, a certain distance should be maintained.

One thing famous about the Lëtzebuergers, as they call themselves, is their love of parties. And one of the most important occasions they celebrate is St. Nicholas day on December 6 of each year when kids get goodies such as candies and fruits and others and famous native dishes such as tripen or blood sausage and waffles. 

When attending formal dinners, expats have to get used to continental table manners where the fork goes in the left hand and knife into the right. It is a big no-no for the Lëtzebuergers to rest one's elbows on the tables while both hands should stay on the table.

People, except for family and friends, call each other by surnames with honorific titles such as Monsieur for men and Madame for women.

An expatriate in Luxembourg may have a little difficulty getting along with the locals in the beginning due to the language barrier. But as long as one takes the time to learn the local tongue, living harmoniously among these peaceful people will be a breeze.



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