Driving in Luxembourg



Driving in Luxembourg is possible for foreigners who hold International Driving Permits together with regular licenses from their home countries. However, this rule applies only to those who have lived in Luxembourg for one year. After this period, they will be required to apply for a Luxembourg driving license in the ministry of transport (Ministère des Transports).

When applying for a local driver's license, there are some documents to be submitted, including  a health certificate issued by a local physician not more than 3 months prior to application, an affidavit from the Embassy, a copy of the driver's license (front and back) in English, German or French (if written in another language, it should have translations), a passport picture, less-than-a-month-old certificate of residency, police clearance, driver's license request form no. 1450059, and a tax stamp available at Driver's License Office.

Carrying a driver's license is a must for anyone driving in Luxembourg. Only 0.8 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood when driving is allowed in Luxembourg while seatbelts and rears are strictly required. When driving in this country, it is important to remember that stiff fines will await those who ignore traffic rules.