Emergency Numbers in Luxembourg



As a first world country, Luxembourg offers highly efficient emergency response services that help secure the lives of all residents of the country, including expatriates.

For medical emergencies, one can call 112 and for fire in the City of Luxembourg, the number is 44 22 44. For police assistance, one can call 113. The European SOS number, 112, can be used from anywhere in Luxembourg for all types of emergencies - medical, police and fire. It can be dialed from any telephone, be it landline or mobile, and will have no charges.

Some situations, though not technically considered emergencies, will also require quick and specialized response services. For example, a helpline for battered women is 44 81 81. The suicide helpline is 45 45 45 while, for concerns regarding children, one may call 12345.

For animal-related emergencies, one can call 58 35 91. 

Although emergencies are the farthest from what expats want to encounter in Luxembourg, they are real, and they can happen. Hence, it is very important to save all of these numbers in one's mobile phone directory. For the people at home, especially kids, these numbers should be written on a clean sheet of paper and placed preferably beside the telephone so everyone can easy find them as needed. 

Every second count in an emergency situation and simply keeping these numbers in handy at all times can make a great difference in saving lives.



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