Essential Employment Paperwork in Luxembourg

Citizens who are from European Union countries can work and live in Luxembourg without a business permit or a visa, but for Non-EU citizens who want to work here, a work permit will be required. The rule exempts voluntary workers who may work without a permit. 

Aside from nationals of the EU, citizens of Switzerland and member states of the European Economic Area are also not required to obtain a work visa or permit for Luxembourg. If they intend to stay in this country for more than 90 days, they need to visit the local Municipal Office (within seven days of their arrival) to declare their intention to stay. As with any EU member countries, expats from non-European nations are required to go through a different process to get employed in Luxembourg.

Permis de Travail or Work Permit 

Before offering a particular job to a non-EU national, the expatriate’s potential employer must first check with the Administration of Employment if there is an EU citizen or Luxembourg resident who can fill the vacancy. If it has been proven that no candidate from the local labour market can fill the job qualifications, the employer will be allowed to hire a non-EU citizen making a declaration to the ADEM.  Once the ADEM acknowledged the declaration, it will be submitted to the Ministry for Work and Employment whose job is to approve work permit applications. The expat will also receive a letter by mail which will confirm that their work permit has been approved. 

Work permits for Luxembourg are usually valid for at least one year and it is the duty of the employer to apply for a renewal. 

Autorisation de séjour Provisoire or Provisional Residence Permit (Long Stay Visa) 

Citizens of non-EU countries are also required to apply for a long-stay visa at the Luxembourg Embassy/Consulate in their countries of origin. Make sure that the visa has been stamped in the passport beforehand because there is no way to get a visa or change its status inside Luxembourg. Below is a list of relevant document that must be presented during the visa application. Expats can also visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for a more detailed immigration procedure or requirements. 

  • Passport that is valid for at least three months
  • Medical Certificate issued by a Consulate/Embassy-approved doctor
  • Work Permit or proof that the applicant’s employer has applied for the work permit
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (Police Report)
  • Proof of Health Insurance 

Long-stay visa application takes about three months to be processed. Once the visa has been issued, the expat must enter Luxembourg within 90 days.

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