Having a Baby in Luxembourg



Having a baby in Luxembourg can be a very comfortable experience for any pregnant woman provided she gets the necessary care. As a first world country, one can expect excellent obstetrician-gynecologists and state-of-the-art maternity equipment.

In Luxembourg, there are five compulsory examinations to be given to pregnant women within their first three months from the time they first consult a doctor. Results of these examinations will be recorded in a maternity record book which, once all tests have been conducted, will be presented to the woman's municipal office to register her for state benefits. These benefits include maternity allowances, pre-natal allowance, birth allowance and post-natal allowance.

Home births are rare in this country and their costs are not covered by public nor private health insurance in Luxembourg. A child who is born to two non-Luxembourg citizens retains the citizenship of his parents but can apply for a Luxembourg citizenship provided certain conditions are met. When one parent of the child is a citizen of the country, dual citizenship is possible.

Monetary considerations are the least of pregnant women's concerns in Luxembourg as the state fully covers the cost of births. However, international health insurance in Luxembourg can also provide additional coverage.



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