Health Risks in Luxembourg



There are very few and minor health risks in Luxembourg, but there is no reason to be overly complacent.

On top of public insurance, most expats take out private health insurance in Luxembourg to be sure their health needs are covered.

Hepatitis B is one disease expats have to watch out for. It is something that can be contracted through an exchange of body fluids with someone who may be infected. People who work in medical settings that expose them to blood samples and other body fluids are at risk. Those who may have sexual relations with locals may also be at risk. Hence, it is best to consult a travel health specialist to gain more knowledge about the disease and how it may be avoided.

Rabies is another risk that should be considered by those who are moving to Luxembourg. Of course, those who are most exposed are people who work with animals such as zookeepers, researchers, environmentalists and the like. While most, if not all, animals in the central areas are fully vaccinated, those found in the wild can be very dangerous. Hence, it is important for animal workers to know the right precautions to take to avoid getting the virus through animal bites.

While the country's public insurance system is one of the best in the world, expats usually don't take chances and take out international health insurance in Luxembourg as well. This is to ensure adequate coverage when the need arises.



Photo: The U.S. Army