Health Tips in Luxembourg



As a first-world country, there are no significant cases of infectious disease outbreaks in recent years as government initiatives have remained effective in controlling the spread of disease. However, people in this country have had to battle chronic diseases, with heart ailments and cancer being the top causes of death among citizens and expats.

People in this country tend to drink alcohol, which is believed to be directly related to liver diseases being another very common chronic ailment. Mortality from alcohol-related illnesses is also the highest in Luxembourg. Still, despite these lifestyle-related health risks, research shows an average Luxembourger can keep himself healthy for at least 90% of his life.

Expats in Luxembourg will find themselves lucky to be in a country that is said to be one of the safest in the world in terms of health. Food and tap water pose no significant health risks. People who will be dealing with animals need to be on guard against rabies and should even be vaccinated against the disease before flying in. Also, Hepatitis B, transmitted through body fluid exchange, could be a threat to health workers who are handling blood and other body fluid samples in hospitals or clinics.

The health situation in Luxembourg is one of the best any expat will find anywhere in the world. Those who have settled here understand this very well.