Real Estate in Luxembourg


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Luxembourg city is a viable place to buy real estate properties, especially in scenic areas such as Oesling in the northern part and Moselle, the country's wine capital, where the industry has been growing unstoppably in recent years.

During a purchase, a mere oral agreement can serve as a contract between a seller and a buyer. However, it remains best to have everything in black and white to avoid conflicts in the future. A sales agreement is an option for the seller and buyer but it is not necessary in Luxembourg.

In general, the market is viewed as expensive, but expats will find good and reasonably priced properties when they look hard enough. Prices of properties in Luxembourg vary, with a villa costing up to 100,000 to $145,000. Apartment and condominium prices in key cities can also be as expensive as those in New York or San Francisco.

There is government body that regulates the real estate industry in Luxembourg and no training or license is required for one to be an agent. There is also little to no inter-agency cooperation and limited means to advertise properties for sale. Partly, this accounts for the slight difficulty expats encounter when finding a property in the country.


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