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In Luxembourg, an expat may seek the help of real estate agencies when finding a good place to rent. When one finds a property to rent through an agent, a certain fee must be paid and is usually about a month's worth of rent plus VAT to be settled upon signing the rental contract. Unfurnished spaces are usually up for short-term rentals while furnished ones are good for longer term contracts.

When applying for a lease, the expatriate lessee or applicant will need to show a passport, proof of employment and income and a guarantor. A household insurance is also required though this is temporary. The tenant has the responsibilities of paying on time with the exact amount that has been agreed upon and to pay utility bills and other miscellaneous expenses. All damages to the property within the duration of the contract are also the responsibility of the tenant.

Rental contracts or agreements in Luxembourg will also typically include an inventory report where details of the property's condition, including fixtures and fittings. Although this is not required, it is highly recommended for the protection of both the landlord's and tenant's interests. A deposit or guarantee is usually paid as cash with receipt, a bank guarantee for the deposit or, sometimes, a guarantee from the state. This refundable deposit can be in any amount agreed upon but cannot exceed three months' rent and will be paid upon signing of the lease agreement with the first month's advance payment and agent commission, when applicable.

Renting in Luxembourg is normally hassle-free and expats will even appreciate the fact that rental agreements here are very flexible which means the tenant and landlord can come up with any mutually agreeable terms without much intervention from the government.



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