Self employed in Luxembourg



When planning to put up a business in Luxembourg, the first basic requirement is for an expat to secure a business permit that is locally known as authorisation d'établissement' (permit to set up business) from the Inisrequirementtère des Classes Moyennes or Ministry of Small Firms and Traders. 

Whether as an individual or a company, anyone who wants to set up a business in Luxembourg will need a business permit. A month after issuance, the business may be signed up with the business register. Tax authorities will then notify the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Skilled Crafts so the applicant can become a member, another requirement for those putting up a company but not for individual applicants. One must then register for income tax, VAT and social security. The succeeding steps could be more detailed, and anyone who wants to make sure he's taking the right direction should inquire from the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Skilled Trades or the Chamber of Agriculture.

Professionals who will need a business permit to practice are auditors, chartered accounts, patent and trademark consultants, economic consultants, consultant engineers, architects, and pharmacists. If they are setting up an office individually, they do not need to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Those who will be building corporations will have to apply for membership as this is part of the requirements.

For expats, a passport and proof of residency in Luxembourg are the required documents for self-employment.