Visiting the Doctor in Luxembourg



Luxembourg has one of the most impressive healthcare systems in the world, including a highly efficient public insurance system. To provide extra security, some expats also take out private health insurance in Luxembourg to cover what their public coverage does not

Although some expats may have an issue with language differences, most doctors in Luxembourg speak English and finding one is quite easy. One can ask for referrals from other expats who may have stayed in the country longer, check online listings of English-speaking doctors, or contact one's embassy. One thing about these doctors, though, is their tendency to be tight-lipped during a consultation. However, an expat who wants more explanation can always politely ask. 

In Luxembourg, one can see a GP just by walking into a clinic or one can set an appointment beforehand. One also would not need a GP's referral to be able to see a specialist. Payments are made directly to the doctors and may be reimbursed at 80-10% of the original cost based on its public health insurance system, Caisse de Maladie des Ouvriers or CMO, which covers confinement in any hospital in Luxembourg and even medicines. Some prescriptions, however, need to be authorized by the CMO before they can be purchased. Medicine coverage also depends on the medicine required; therefore, it is best to check with one's doctor whether the prescription will require CMO authorization.