Tax Advisory in Luxembourg

Expat tax in Luxembourg is far from cheap, with individual income taxes sometimes going above 40%, while corporate income taxes are relatively cheaper at 22.9%. These rates may also be different from one municipality to the next, so anyone planning to move to any part of the country should take the time to check.

Expat tax deductions, credits and exclusions for expats are handled differently, depending on the countries of current residence and origin involved. To make sure that all penalties are avoided and all benefits are received, professional assistance provided by personal taxation expert, Andrew Baker of UK, comes in handy for expats in Luxembourg.

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Expatriates coming from all over the world and are moving to Luxembourg may have enquiries about their tax commitments in the country. Advice in handling international tax issues are provided together with appropriate strategies in maintaining a tax status. Request a quote about an expatriates’ tax status upon arrival in a new country.

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