Essential Employment Paperwork in Macau



Macau, an autonomous region situated in the southern coast of China is a strong magnet that pulls expats to its distant yet progressive land filled with sky-high infrastructures and gigantic casinos. The famous ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ is indeed a work haven but before booking a ticket, foreign nationals must first obtain the necessary employment paperwork to avoid issues with the immigration. 

Expats who wish to work in Macau Special Administrative Region need to have a work permit or also known as the ‘Blue Card’. Before getting one, the foreign national’s prospective employer must first get a quota (request approval before hiring) from the Human Resources Bureau. Potential non-resident workers are categorised as skilled, non-skilled or domestic. To hire a skilled worker or someone who has academic qualifications, relevant professional experience and technical skills, the employer based in Macau should prove to the Bureau that the potential employee has special qualifications that are unavailable from a local applicant/s. 

Temporary Residence Permit 

Blue Card applications take about three to six months to be processed and while waiting for it to be released, expats can apply for a temporary residence permit which will allow them to reside legally in Macau. It can be obtained from the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) who will conduct a screening and an interview to see if the applicant is qualified. The temporary residence card is usually valid for a maximum of 18 months and is available for renewal. After seven years, the holder will become eligible to apply for a permanent residency. Some of the documents required for the application are: 

  • Passport
  • Non-resident work card or Blue Card (if it is already released)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Criminal Declaration issued from the applicant’s home country
  • Five photos with printed name of the applicant at the back
  • Employment Contract
  • Description of the applicant’s nature of work
  • Educational and Professional certificates
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Expats must bear in mind that living or working in Macau as an illegal alien is punishable by law. Those who will be caught without a work permit (Blue Card) and temporary residence permit will be deported and blacklisted by the Immigration. It is best to contact or visit the website of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Macau Special Administrative Region for an up to date immigration rules and procedures.