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Macau provides its residents with quality healthcare services. Just like in any other country, the healthcare system of Macau is divided into two – the public healthcare and private healthcare.

Gearing towards the development of its healthcare system, the Macau SAR government adopts a health policy by “first improving, then reforming” the system. Some medical reform programs administered by the Healthcare Reform Advisory Committee of Macau have helped improve the overall healthcare system of the region. In addition, a “Medical Activities and Complaints Assessment Centre” has been organised to negotiate with and manage any form of medical disputes.

The Public and Private Healthcare Sector

The public healthcare system of Macau is funded by the government and provides medical and health services to all legal residents of the region free of charge, regardless of their occupation or age. On the other hand, Macau’s private healthcare system provides top-notch health services that are subject to medical fees.

Aside from coordinating activities between the public and private health organisations of the public health system, the Health Bureau of Macau has also been administering various healthcare and social welfare policies. These include improving and reforming health services, improving the facilities and infrastructure of health centres and the public hospital, reducing waiting time and extending the operation hours of health centres throughout Macau.

Healthcare Coverage for Expats

All citizens of Macau and expats that have residence permits as well as Macau ID cards are entitled to free medical care at state-funded health centres and from the public hospitals. However, expats should be aware that it is not uncommon for patients in Macau to be transferred to Hong Kong and though these countries are both Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of China, the coverage for healthcare is still not the same. Under China’s ‘one country, two systems’ policy, you still need to pay for your hospitalisation in Hong Kong unless you can present a Hong Kong ID (HKID) which is highly unlikely if you are an expat based in Macau.

Private hospitalisation in Macau is already quite expensive, and if you are transferred to Hong Kong, the fee for inpatient hospitalisation (without HKID) will cost you around HKD 4,680 or USD 600 per day not to mention that it’s in a public hospital. Because of this scenario, expats in Macau are strongly advised to take out private international health insurance which will secure their healthcare needs not just in Macau or Hong Kong, but also in other countries.

Hospitals and Medical Services

Presently, there are six health centres and two health stations located throughout the different districts of Macau. All of these health centres offer adult and children’s healthcare, student healthcare, oral healthcare, family planning, prenatal care, health education and Traditional Chinese Medicine services. The healthcare services that are provided by the health centres free of charge consisting of referrals, family visits, medical social work, mental health care, quit-smoking consultation, vaccination and other nursing services. The three major hospitals in Macau are:

  • Hospital Conde S. Januário

Av. Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau

Tel: +853 2831 3731

Rua do Rosario, Macau

Tel: +853 2837 1333

Avenida Wai Long,Taipa, Macau, Macau

Tel: +853 2882 1838




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