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Moving to an unfamiliar ground can be scary for many expats for different reasons. Some worry about culture shock and if they will blend just fine with the community so that they can live a peaceful life. There are so many preparations and arrangements to take care of when moving abroad, but along the transition process, expats usually tend to forget the most important thing: health care and insurance. Of course, no one wants to have a medical emergency, but these are out of any one’s control. You wouldn’t want to be caught up unprepared in such situations especially you’re in a foreign land. Moving to Malaysia is a thrilling experience, but you have to make sure that you know the important things there is about the healthcare and insurance in the country.

Getting Insurance

Before signing a contract with your employer, it's important that you pay attention to your medical and health insurance which should be a part of your relocation package to Malaysia. It should be discussed with you upfront, or you can contact the Human Resource department to further discuss the coverage of your policy. You also have to ensure that your company’s insurance provider is licensed by the Minister of Finance and has approval from the Bank of Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Malaysia’s healthcare is divided into two: the public and private sectors. Choosing the right provider can be the most essential and tricky part in securing your healthcare. It’s best to contact several international and local brokers to heighten your chances of getting the best coverage. One of the international agents in Malaysia is Clements Worldwide, which has long years of professional experience in providing an umbrella of coverage to expats in the country. You can also check the Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life), one of the top providers of health and life insurance in Malaysia.

As Malaysia is a renowned destination for medical tourism, it has a good access to top level medical facilities. It is important to look at the network of health care provider your insurance will give you access to. 

Importance of Insurance

In 2015, the Centre for Disease Control or CDC has declared a level 1 Warning for all foreigners or expats entering Malaysia due to an outbreak of dengue fever which is a type of illness acquired from mosquito bites. There is also the case of tuberculosis in the country that thought hasn’t reached an alarming stage yet, but should always be taken into consideration as one of the primary reasons why you should always stay cautious about your health and medical insurance.

Driving in Malaysia can also be a reason to ensure your coverage since there are a lot of drivers who refuse to follow the traffic signs and signals that sometimes lead to accidents Also, some of the roads in almost half of the eastern part of the country are less maintained which can cause hazard to motorists especially at night and during the rainy season.

Local Insurance

In 2011, the government of Malaysia launched the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Scheme which serves as a mandatory order to all foreign workers in the country to have healthcare insurance. Expat workers should have an annual fixed amount in their medical insurance that will cover all and any hospital-related expenses in government facilities. There are brokers that signed up under this scheme, providing a list of options for expats to choose from.

Malaysia has an excellent health care system, especially in Kuala Lumpur and major cities. These hospitals are equipped with skilled doctors, nurses, and staff. But you should know that even public facilities require payment for all treatments and services. Insurance policies may seem to be unimportant when you are well, but in a medical emergency, you wouldn’t want to be caught up unprepared. Your healthcare insurance can also cover different purposes such as regular check-ups, physical exams and laboratories, as well as daily vitamins that can keep you healthy.

International policies can also be very useful to expats in Malaysia. In the event that a specific treatment is not available at a local hospital, you have the peace of mind that you can get medical coverage even if you need to be transferred to a private facility or another country. There are also several services that only an international insurance company can provide which usually go beyond borders and states, a type of benefit that a local policy cannot provide.



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