Visiting the Doctor in Malaysia


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Malaysia boasts a high standard healthcare for both public and private healthcare. The service is outstanding, but the cost is relatively affordable compared to western countries.

Specialists in Malaysia rank first in terms of expertise while most of its doctors are trained overseas.   

Doctors in Malaysia  

One can visit a doctor by checking the national association for doctors - Malaysian Medical Association or call 1300 88 6334 or ask around for referrals. 

A typical treatment or consultation in Penang, Malaysia with a doctor for flu or colds costs MYR$40.00 (approximately USD$12.00).  

Most GP's and medical consultants in Malaysia are trained overseas and have qualifications that are both recognized and accepted worldwide, giving foreigners, especially retirees, ready access to excellent service and facilities.

Hospitals in Malaysia  

With the help of the Malaysian Government, the country is now known not only for it beautiful landscape, but for its health tourism. Expats can find a wide range of specialist hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang.   

Both private and public hospitals provide emergency treatment rooms where instant access to trained medical teams is available 24 hours a day. 


Photo: Phalinn Ooi