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There is plenty of affordable rental housing available in Malaysia, and rent is far cheaper in comparison to most countries, except in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Rental leases in Malaysia are usually for one year, but several additional payments are required to move in. The first month’s rent must be paid up front by the tenant to hold the property, this is called an earning deposit.


When the lease is signed the tenant pays the landlord another two months’ rent as the security deposit, and an additional half month rent for utility deposit. The lease must also be stamped by the Malaysian tax authorities before it is valid, and this is another opportunity for the tenant to pay.


The Malaysian economy generally features a lower cost of living, and affordable property prices mean that foreign investors have good opportunities for buying their own property cheaply in Malaysia. The government in Malaysia also encourages this type of investment with a number of additional incentives. However, they have recently set a minimum purchase price for foreigners of 500,000 Malaysian ringgit. As with rental prices, property values are also highest in the capital city Kuala Lumpur. This is significant as an investment opportunity as foreign purchasers can then rent their property out to those who can afford it.

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