Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Malaysia

Malaysia has a low mortality rate, with only 6 deaths recorded for every 1000 residents within the last year. This is partly due to an up and coming health system, but you will need an adequate travel insurance multi trip in Malaysia policy in order to fully make use of these services.


Through its multi-trip travel insurance plans, International Medical Group has become a true standout among frequent travelers in Malaysia and the rest of the world. As a backup to these plans, IMG's maintains a whole lineup of service centers worldwide, ensuring 24/7 accessibility to clients, no matter their location.

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Overseas travels may entail risk and uncertainty. Purchasing travel insurance is therefore a smart step. In Malaysia, MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional is devoted to securing frequent travelers by providing reliable multi-trip coverage, which even reduces costs with only a single policy purchased for numerous trips. Atlas Professional is for people under 66, their spouses, also under 66, and children between 14 days and 18 years old, as long as they have health insurance in their country of citizenship.

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