Single Trip Travel Insurance in Malaysia

Even with restrictive immigration policies, Malaysia still managed a net migration of 84,494 new migrants within the last year, this includes migrants and retires under the MM2H scheme. If you will join these numbers either permanently or temporarily, look for a travel insurance single trip in Malaysia policy to lend a hand over the short term should you fall ill.


Travel in Malaysia free-spirited as long as you have a GlobeHopper Travel Medical Insurance. The travel insurance is well-crafted for travellers enthusiastic of taking short-term visits around the world. Some of its features include a travel medical coverage, 24/7 account accessibility no matter where you are in the world and it is available for purchase at any time.

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MultiNational Underwriters is an expert in providing comprehensive travel medical insurance for international travellers in Malaysia. Feel safe and secured when visiting abroad for the available resources and people such as medical practitioners and specialist that are able to tend to your needs 24/7 while overseas. A service team is also ready in case that you need an emergency evacuation.

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