Allergies in Malta



Red puffy eyes, itchy rashes all over your body, and that overall uneasy feeling are classic symptoms of an allergy attack.

Maltese weather can be unpredictable, sunny and warm one time and then rainy and wet the next day. And this kind of environment is the perfect breeding ground for allergens, one of which is molds. Molds usually form in dark and damp places and can cause or trigger sinus or asthma attacks.

Warm sunny weather in spring also brings about a whole different set of allergens, the most common of which are pollens from different plants. Pollen-related allergies usually aggravate the respiratory system.

Another common allergy you may encounter in Malta is food allergies. Mediterranean food is mostly composed of starchy ingredients like pasta and potatoes. Maltese delicacies are also characterized by aromatic herbs and spices that make the dishes ooze with flavour.

All these delicious stuff that make great Maltese dishes are also potential allergens. Food allergies are easiest for travellers and expatriates alike to contract as they are more open to new and exciting tastes, and their systems have heightened sensitivity to some ‘foreign' ingredients.

As allergy attacks in the Maltese paradise are part and parcel of the adjustment process, ensuring complete coverage with a provider or private health insurance is a must-do.