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Malta is one of the top choices of expatriates. Due to its average cost of living combined with rich culture and a plethora of historical sites, it’s without a doubt that the Maltese lifestyle is often very easy to adapt to.

Though the average income in Malta is lower than European standard, expats will still be able to make the most out of their hard earned money. Consumer prices in this country are 16.27% lower than in France and 12.01% lower than in the United Kingdom. However, some products are a bit pricey particularly the bottled drinks because tap water in Malta has a bad taste that’s why there’s a high demand for bottled water. Despite the ever-changing financial market, the cost of living in Malta remains reasonable. It is not just a famous destination for the British but also for expats from all over the world who want to enjoy a comfortable Mediterranean life.

Average Rental Costs

Unlike other countries, rental rates in Malta are quite affordable. For example, in Europe, €600 worth of housing budget can get you a one bedroom unfurnished flat with no heating while in Malta, that same amount of money can cover the rental cost of a furnished two bedroom apartment outside the city centre. Valletta, the capital is the most popular residential area of expats in Maltese and here, modern housing close to resorts and retail shops are prevalent. These types of accommodation are a bit pricier than those found in the countryside.

  • One bedroom apartment (city centre) - €650
  • One bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) - €500
  • Three bedroom apartment (city centre) - €1,135
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) - €800

When moving abroad, it’s always best to prepare a separate budget for the utilities since it is not included in the rental cost. The monthly average cost of heating, water and electricity in Malta range from €70-€100. Internet connection is around €20-€25 per month while a minute of local prepaid mobile call costs €0.25.

Cost of Food

The budget for food takes about 30% of an individual’s monthly income in Malta. Generally speaking, local products are way cheaper than their imported counterparts. It is also best to shop in large supermarkets than in the small stores where the prices are a bit high. Two of the largest grocers in Malta that expats can go to are PAVI Shopping Complex and Tower Supermarket which has been around for the last 60 years. Below are some of the common products the local market along with their most updated prices:

  • One litre of milk - €0.90
  • Loaf of fresh white bread - €0.90
  • A dozen eggs – €2.00
  • One kilo of rice - €1.85
  • One kilo of local cheese - €8.00
  • One kilo of boneless chicken breasts - €6.35
  • One kilo of apples - €2.15
  • One kilo of oranges - €2.20
  • One kilo of potatoes - €1.20
  • One kilo of tomatoes - €2.20
  • One kilo of onions - €1.40

The price of eating out will always depend on the restaurant and how food is served. Food sold in take-away restaurants are often more expensive than those in the supermarket. Expats will find many take-away stalls scattered across the country where they can buy local and imported food and drinks.

  • Pastizzi (Maltese cheesecake) - €0.35
  • Small squares of pizza - €0.70
  • Kebab in bread or pita - €5.50
  • Two course meal in a seated restaurant (for one person) - €15-€40
  • A whole, authentic Italian 12 inch pizza - €8.00
  • Main course of beef fillet - €15-€30
  • Half a pint of imported beer - €1.00-€1.50

Cost of Daily Transportation

Most expats in Malta prefer public transportation since, given the small size of islands, car ownership in the country is the fourth highest in the whole of Europe. The primary methods of public transport for the main islands are buses, taxis and ferries that offer a cheap and frequent service to many parts of Malta and Gozo.

  • One way bus ticket - €1.50
  • Monthly pass - €25-€30
  • Taxi flag down rate - €10.00
  • Taxi per kilometre rate - €2.00
  • One litre of gasoline - €1.35


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