Emergency Numbers in Malta



In most emergency situations, a mobile phone, calmness, quick thinking, and the correct emergency numbers are all you need.

Medical emergencies are the most commonly encountered, and also those that usually require emergency services. Great piece of news for expatriates is that Malta has quick and efficient emergency services, not to mention top quality healthcare.

If you should find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to dial 112. This is a general number you can call if you need ambulance services, police, or fire services. It would also be helpful if you have a list of the phone numbers of the nearest hospital or medical facility to your area of residence or work.

Upon dialing the hotline number, you will be talking to an operator who would be able to put you to the appropriate emergency provider. The operators speak both Maltese and English. Expatriates are advised to know at least a few key Maltese words, for this would be useful for emergency situations like this.

Drivers and commuters alike would agree that being on the road is akin to exposing yourself to a considerable amount of danger. And, unfortunately, traffic accidents do happen. Yes, even in the Mediterranean paradise of Malta. You may call 2132 0202 to get help in case of a traffic accident.

Everyone has different considerations as to what an ‘emergency' situation is. Like finding where the nearest pharmacy is, or for some, finding the nearest shoe repair store. In these situations, please do not dial the emergency numbers. You may dial 1182 for Directory Inquiries though.


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