Having a Baby in Malta



Moving to a new country is like having a new baby. It’s something you prepare for, is psyched and scared of at the same time, and go through an exciting and depressed stage before and after the event.

But how is it to actually go through both events, at the same time?

One great thing about Malta that may quell your worries is that you have the assurance of a great public healthcare system and exceptional quality and efficiency of emergency and medical services.

Malta has centuries of good health care history. In fact during the First World War, Malta has become known as the ‘Nurse of the Mediterranean' for ensuring treatment for all the wounded, regardless of race or beliefs.

Modern times have Malta as a popular destination for those seeking treatment, not because of the war, but because of the high quality services one can get here at a lower cost, and this includes pregnancy or maternity care as well.

For an expectant mother who has international health insurance in Malta, costs may not always be an issue. One can also expect a lot of good stuff through the public healthcare system.

Maternity care is also part of the public health care system, easily accessible to legal residents including expatriates and is free of charge. Having supplementary private health insurance in Malta can also help to ensure 100% coverage during the term of your pregnancy.

Another remarkable facet of maternity care is the fact that the government also offers four postnatal check-ups as home services. This means great comfort for the new mother.

Citizenship of a child born in Malta after August 1989 follows the concept of jus sanguinis which basically means the child would only be considered a Maltese citizen if one of his parents is a Maltese citizen or was born in the country.



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