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Working abroad is everyone’s dream; especially that it entails a more prosperous career and chances of improving their current financial status. Expats relocating to Malta all look forward to a beautiful life in the sunny city and usually prepare for their housing, education of their children and all other necessities to ensure that their new life will go smoothly. Insurances and medical coverage usually, get lost somewhere in the transition process and not remembered until the time it is needed. Though working hard for your future is important, what you should keep in mind is that you should also secure your healthcare needs. This idea might seem unimportant at first, but as you venture into the foreign land of Malta, you always have to be prepared for all possibilities; even the unpleasant ones. Here are some of the important things you need to know about the healthcare and protection in Malta.

Getting Insurance

If this wasn’t discussed with you during the contract signing or you need further information about your coverage, contact the Human Resource department of your company to discuss this matter. Benefits vary from one employer to the other, from one expat policy to the other, so talk to your fellow colleagues in Malta, and most importantly make sure to understand well the benefits package.

"The pharmacies all have doctors who offer walk-in services, there are clinics throughout the islands, and there are large hospitals as well. The healthcare is top-notch here."- Amanda Walkins, Expat in Malta

You should also make sure that your employer is registered under and accredited by the Malta Financial Services Authority, a dedicated branch of the local government that monitors all insurance providers operating in the country and you can contact them for any inquiries or complaints here.

The local healthcare in Malta is divided into the public and private sectors that are both under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It is best that you do some research to have better knowledge of their different packages and which one will adequately suit your needs. Bupa Global is an international company that provides insurance to a huge number of foreign workers in Malta and whose primary focus is their clients’ well-being. You can also consider a local broker such as Atlas Insurance Malta, who provides health, life, business and other types of coverage.

Importance of Insurance 

Malta is considered to be a safe place, but all expats and foreigners are strongly advised to have vaccinations against yellow fever, tetanus-diphtheria, and influenza. Bronchial Asthma is also a common sickness in the country as well as cancer of the pancreas and ovaries. Roads in Malta are mostly in a poor condition and it’s a common practice for many drivers to ignore the traffic regulations. These problems often result to danger, and in worst cases, accidents to motorists.

In these situations, especially that you’re in an unfamiliar ground, it's best that you have a good medical coverage. The common misconception of many people is that they do not need to invest in insurance since they could deal with the moment when it comes or the common phrase: “I'll cross the bridge when I get there”. But health should not be taken for granted and expats should ensure that at the time of an emergency, they have something kept under their sleeves. Health insurance is also not just limited to hospitalisation; it also covers vaccinations, preventive treatments, physical exams and regular check-ups. So it's evidently worth the amount that you invest.

Local Insurance in Malta 

Malta prides itself on maintaining a high-standard of quality healthcare. All residents are not under any mandatory order to have any insurance since workers, foreign or local, are paying contributions to the Social Security which provides different public benefits including medical assistance. There are seven health centres in Malta and another one in Gozo. If you need any medical attention, you will be referred to a health centre in your area of residency. The Ministry of Health strongly advises foreign workers to get private/local insurance since it can cover a broad range of benefits that might be unavailable from the government and can also give you health care services from a private hospital in Malta. In the case of any emergency, you can dial 112 to get help from an ambulance or the police and fire department.

International insurance is also a good option for expats in Malta considering that some are just on short term assignments or might have a work that involves travelling in different areas. This type of coverage will ensure that you will get immediate and unparalleled assistance anywhere you are in the country or the globe. These multinational companies are also proven to have long years of experience handling the welfare of thousands of expats which proves that they are the best in this line of service.


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