Health Tips in Malta



The saying ‘Health is wealth’ rings true for everybody. For expatriates though, health is more than just something to treasure, it’s something to invest time and money on.

The first course of action for expats is to take a physical examination to verify if you are fit to travel. Get the recommended vaccines for travel to Malta as well.

Make sure to also know and understand how Malta's Mediterranean weather is like. A large part of your body's adjustments would be to the country's overall climate.

Winters in Malta tend to be windy and characterized by occasional rain showers while summers are scorching hot and tend to be on the dry side. Packing the right kind of clothes would be helpful. Choose the ones made with light fabrics, and do bring some items like jackets or shawls that you can layer on for those cold winter nights.

Summer months may be too hot for comfort, at times especially if you're not used to it. Make sure to bring your preferred moisturizer brand, and drink plenty of liquids. Don't forget to apply the all-important sun block.

Expatriates are also advised to eat out heartily, but always, with caution. If you know you have allergies to certain food ingredients, make it a habit to ask what's used in your meal. You may also want to avoid unpasteurized dairy products.

Water in Malta is safe to drink but has quite a unique taste. It is still best to boil water before drinking it, or better yet get a steady supply of mineral or store-bought water.