Pet Import Regulations in Malta



Relocating pets to your chosen expat destination is far from being a simple undertaking. It can even be more complex than planning the trip for yourself or another human companion.

But for many of us who want to take a piece of home with us through our beloved pets, we would go through anything and everything to find a home for them in Malta as well.

The preparation for pet relocation to Malta should be initiated about a couple of months before your departure from your home country. Part of the preparation of relocating pets to Malta includes acquiring knowledge on pet import regulations.

Pets that would be brought into Malta must be accompanied by an import license from the Director of Veterinary Services. Aside from this, the pet must also have a certificate from the authorized Veterinary Service of the country of origin.

International pet relocation services to Malta are widely available, and they can also assist you in securing these documents.

Malta is also currently enforcing PETS or Pet Travel Scheme, which allows pet carnivores like cats and dogs from qualifying countries to enter the country without quarantine.

Qualifying factors for this scheme include ensuring that the pet has a fitted microchip, has been vaccinated against rabies, and a blood test done proving that the pet is aptly vaccinated against rabies done six months before departure, has a Pet Passport issued by the proper authorities in the expat's home country, and must also be tested for with Praziquantel for tapeworm and fiprinol for ticks at about 24-48 hours before arrival at Malta.

Pet transport options are also offered by many pet relocation services to Malta.



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