Real Estate in Malta



Malta’s stable economy, beautiful environment, and pleasant climate, makes it easier for one to invest in real estate in the country.

Although Malta is not as popular an expat destination as its neighbors Italy and France, the country has seen a real estate demand for some years because of its attractive property market.

When Malta joined the European Union, it became even more popular with property buyers from outside the country. With the formidable EU to back it up, Malta properties have seen a high demand and with it, increased construction activity.

There is a restriction for non-European Union citizens, as they can only buy one property in Malta and Gozo. They may purchase more though in areas designated for expats such as Portomaso, Tigne Point, and Chambray.

The property to be acquired must be worth at least 95,900 Euros for apartments and 155,000 for other kinds of property. In addition to that, the property may only be used as a residence of either the owner or his relatives.

Expat residences are usually lavish and are found in places you can consider ‘touristy'. This means convenience, comfort, and a splendid view. In short, they are worth the investment.

These properties do have restrictions though if you plan on having them rented out. They can only be rented out only if the property is worth more than 233,000 Euro and on short-term lease agreements. It should also have a swimming pool and should be registered with the Hotel and Catering Establishments Board.