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Renting is popular with many expatriates in Malta as it offers one a variety of accommodation choices without the long-term commitment and with less paperwork to worry about.

Malta offers numerous locations for renting, depending on your preferred environment. Bear in mind though that there are only designated placed for expats to rent in areas like the Portomaso Marina development located in a fishing village called St. Julian's.

Most expat areas have some of the best and most luxurious accommodations. Apartment complexes such as those found in the waterfront area of Vittoriosa are popular with expats who prefer the sea breeze waking them up every morning.

Villas with private pools are sure to be enjoyed by families while furnished apartments are great for single expatriates.

Renting contracts also come with short-term and long-term leases. Short-term renting costs usually include electricity, water, and telephone expenses and is best for expatriates who are finding temporary accommodations while in Malta.

Long-term leases, on the other hand, are best for individuals who are sure to stay for a considerable amount of time in a specific location in Malta. Expatriate families who are not ready to buy property just yet may also take advantage of long term renting.

In these contracts, a payment of one-month advance rent is considered as a deposit, but would be refunded after the duration of the contract, or once you decide to leave if there were no unpaid bills or repair work needed after you have rented the place.

Rent for the cost of a small apartment is about 163.06 Euros while a house costs around 419.29 Euros. If you feel like renting out classier or more luxurious accommodations, expect to pay around 698.81 to 1164.69 Euros.



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