Self-Employed in Malta



Most expatriates move to a different country to find ‘greener pastures' in terms of employment. A lot of them find it in multinational companies based in Malta while some find it in local businesses in various sectors of the economy.

There are others who find self-employment or establishing a business in Malta a better alternative for their expatriation to thrive.

The Maltese economy offers good reasons for expats towards establishing a business with its strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean and low cost of living.

Malta also happens to have an English-speaking labor force, a large portion of which has a high-level of education. Political stability is maintained while a formidable tax treaty network is also in place in the country.

The country's economy has also seen a considerable amount of promising growth, with its GDP increasing at a rate of 4.3% per annum.

The manufacturing industry is one of the country's major economic movers, accounting for about 17% of Malta's revenue. The tourism sector has also been regarded as a good place to investment in, proved by about 12% of the employ persons working in the industry. Another popular investment option is the services industry, offering many income-earning opportunities especially in the financial sector.

Once you have decided which sector you wish to invest in, you have to start taking care of the paperwork. Register with the Employment and Training Corporation as well as the Inland Revenue Department in Malta, for a self-employed status. Pay a visit to the Value Added Tax Department to register.

Starting up a business would also require you to secure a trade license from the Trade Department, as well as an import or export license if your business would involve any form of importing or exporting.