Visiting the Doctor in Malta



Expatriates in Malta have the assurance of having some of the best medical services that the Europe has to offer.

In fact, Malta's healthcare system is ranked fifth best in the world, way ahead of big nations like the US and the UK. Much of this excellence in the field is rooted in the country's years of devotion to improving health care in the country. 

It also wouldn't hurt to know that doctors in Malta are some of the most competent in the European continent, mainly owing to the kind of education available in the country. The University of Malta's medical school, as well as remarkable hospitals in Malta like Matar Dei, has a history of award-winning excellence in medical training and research.

Public healthcare in Malta is free for the country's legal residents, and, of course, this includes expatriates. Funding comes from social security contributions made by both employees and their employers.

Coverage is very comprehensive, consisting of hospitalization, prescriptions, pregnancy, childbirth, and even specialist treatment. For those who may have more special or complex medical needs, getting international health insurance in Malta may be advisable.

European Union (EU) citizens should make sure to always have their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to avail of free health care services, hassle-free.

In case of emergencies, one can always depend on the country's dependable emergency services. For medical cases, dial 112, and you may inform the answering operator the kind of service you would need.

112 is a general number to avail services of ambulances/paramedics, fire service, and the police.

For consultations that may not be covered by public health insurance or your private health coverage, expect to pay around 5 Euros to 10 Euros per doctor's consultation.