Business Health Insurance in Malta

Having corporate health insurance in Malta gives a tight sense of medical security to expat workers in the country. In general, visitors to Malta on a short term basis are allowed access to the local healthcare system – but only if they have a European Health Insurance Card. This mostly applies to European Union nationals, and is an easy way to get healthcare coverage for travels in EU member states. For foreign nationals who work in Malta, they are required to pay contributions from their income to the national insurance system.

Cigna offers a wide selection of services and products for different business sizes and even includes employer-sponsored coverage.


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IMG's GlobalSelect Group offers the most comprehensive corporate insurance policies for expats in Malta and gives special deals for corporations who provide the insurance for their employees abroad. IMG covers expat employees both in their host countries as well as their home countries. Working abroad is never easy, but knowing that you have a company supported health insurance makes settling into your new home a little bit easier.

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