Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Malta

Travel insurance multi-trip to Malta offers coverage for foreign nationals who visit the country on a regular basis. It is also the recommended type of travel insurance for frequent travellers as compared to single trip policies which can be a hassle due to its required renewals. Tourism in Malta is said to have grown 16% over the course of five years, with an increase of more than 200,000 foreign visitor arrivals in 2012.


It has been over two decades since expats in Malta and worldwide have entrusted their travel insurance needs to International Medical Group. IMG is known for its ability to provide timely and effective medical emergency assistance, what with a Chief Medical Officer and registered nurses on the ground in all key locations around the globe.

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Some expats in Malta buy insurance policies that are not exactly the best for their needs, resulting in frustration and wasted money. The ideal option for these international travelers is Atlas Professional, a type of multi-trip insurance provided by MultiNational Underwriters. MNU is a full-service insurance company that provides a wide range of advantages and benefits for global living.

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