Tax Advisory in Malta

Foreign nationals are subject to pay expat tax in Malta if they stay in the country for more than 182 days per year. They are taxed up to a maximum of 35% on their income exceeding LM10,000. Meanwhile, foreign residents working in Malta are required to pay tax only on their Malta-source income. Expats should take note that Malta has double taxation treaties with 34 countries around the world.

Expats who pay taxes where they live may also have to pay taxes where they came from. But while the process can be a bit complicated, foreign credits may offset the loss in part or in full. Tax expert Andrew Baker of UK, in the industry for 35 years, provides assistance on this matter and other related concerns to expats in Malta.

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Expatriates of all nationalities: The service has gained international and local respect as one of the leaders in Malta for our years of uncontested record of genuine care and unparalleled service. It is wiser to anticipate your tax problems now so inquire about your tax planning, tax return or tax issues to avoid unexpected tax concerns when you move to a new country. Ask for a quote now with a guarantee that there are no conditions nor obligations attached to the service.

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