Essential Employment Paperwork in Mauritius



Mauritius has a fast growing economy that continues to attract foreign investors from all parts of the globe. Nowadays, promising job opportunities are available not just for the locals but for expats as well. Working in this east-African country can be both rewarding and challenging given the fact that foreign nationals need first to obtain a work permit. 

Not all foreign nationals are obliged to have a visa for Mauritius. Generally speaking, citizens of most countries are eligible for the visa exemption. They will receive a stamp on their passports which will allow them to enter and stay in this country for 60 days. Bear in mind that it is illegal to work in Mauritius without a work permit and it is the duty of the Mauritian employer to secure the said document on behalf of the expatriate employee. 

Work Permit 

Applications for the work permit for Mauritius are approved by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment and will only be granted to foreign nationals if there is no qualified or suitable Mauritian worker/s that can fill the job vacancy. The Ministry of Labour has developed an E-permit system which allows employers to send their applications online. Expats should also undergo a medical examination in their countries of origin and send the result directly to the Occupational Health Unit of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life. After the Unit examined the results, a provisional health clearance will be sent to the employer which must be submitted to the Employment Division of the Ministry of Labour along with the essential documents listed below: 

  • Job Profile
  • Copy of the expatriate’s passport data page
  • Four passport-sized photos
  • Official Letter from the employer
  • Certifications of academic and professional qualifications of the expat
  • Contract of Employment approved by the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations 

Alongside the application for the work permit, the employer must also apply for a residence permit which will be issued by the Passport and Immigration Office. It is important that the employer obtains both of these permits before the expat travels to Mauritius. A work permit issued to skilled workers are usually valid for four years while those who are in managerial, supervisory and technical levels may be granted with five years of stay in this country.