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Expats fall in love with the idea of relocating to Mexico because of its warm climate, diverse culture and promising career opportunities. You will notice that as you continue on the transition process that one important thing to take care of will keep on sprouting after the other. There’s so much to worry about like your accommodation, education of the kids, how to get around, and a lot more. Eventually, you might find yourself adopting the famous relaxed Mexican saying ‘hará mañana’ or ‘will do tomorrow’. It's a good perspective, but you shouldn’t apply this when it comes to your protection, and protection of your loved ones. Most expats tend to take insurance related matters for granted until such a time when it is urgently needed. So as you start your great big adventure in Mexico, equip yourself with the knowledge on how to insure and protect yourself from the unexpected.

Getting Insurance 

Employment is one of the top reasons why expats move to Mexico. If you are part of a relocation program, it’s imperative that you ask your employer about your medical insurance. This type of benefit should be included of your relocation package and you can contact the Human Resource department to ask further questions about the details of your coverage. Do not hesitate to negotiate and read the fine prints of your health protection contract. If needed, ask if a translation is available.

Your company’s insurance provider should also be listed under the registered brokers of Comision Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas, a dedicated government sector that monitors all insurance providers in Mexico.

There is a wide selection of international and local health insurance providers in Mexico, so you need to put effort and attention into choosing one. It will not do you any harm to shop around and call some of them to know about their different policies that might fit your specific needs. Clements Worldwide is an international company that caters to the expat community in Mexico by providing health, life, home, auto, business and other types of coverage. You can also consider a local company named Seguros Inbursa, who offers both health and financial insurance.

Importance of Insurance

Expats going to Mexico are strongly advised to have vaccinations against rabies, typhoid, hepatitis A and B. Stroke and Hypertensive heart disease are also a known sickness in the country especially during the summer season when the climate can be extremely hot. Other health risks in Mexico are lower respiratory infection, kidney diseases and cirrhosis of the liver. If you are planning to drive, you should be very cautious since road accidents are common and also, be very vigilant about the environment because there have been reports of interpersonal violence in several areas which can threaten your health and safety.

"There is always a private hospital in any mid-size or larger city, with quick and efficient service. Doctors at private clinics and hospitals generally speak English."- Douglas Brouwer, Expat in Mexico

Though health care in Mexico is considered to be very affordable, it is still better that you have a reliable insurance. Hospital costs for those who don’t have one can go up the roof and have medical coverage can save you a lot of money. Insurance is also not just limited to health and medical concerns; it also ensures your finances, business, home, car and other investments.

Local Insurance in Mexico 

Health care in Mexico is divided into three: for the unemployed (most limited coverage), the public sector called IMSS (national healthcare program) where expats employed in Mexican companies are eligible and the private sector which is the highest and most comprehensive type of medical coverage. The country is also known for providing a high standard of health assistance to all its citizens and permanent residents. In the case of emergency, you can contact the general emergency number 066 to get an immediate response.

Though international insurance has always been the best choice for expats abroad, you should know that some private hospitals in Mexico do not honour this type of policy. If you are using an international insurance, there is a possibility that you will have to shoulder your medical bills upon discharge. However, these hospitals will usually give you the necessary paperwork and documents so you could request reimbursement from your healthcare provider.



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