Essential Employment Paperwork in Monaco



While Monaco poses to be a very attractive country for tourists and foreign nationals who wish to find employment, it would be quite an uphill battle for expats due to the law in place that protects the local labour market of Monaco. In addition to that, a work permit must also be obtained since no foreigner will be allowed to seek employment in this country without one. 

The government puts utmost priority to Monegasque nationals when it comes to work opportunities, followed by foreigners with a Monegasque spouse, and foreigners living in Monaco who were already able to work in the country. Expats should have a valid Monegasque residence card if he lives in Monaco, or a valid residence document or identity card if he is from France. In case the foreign national is neither from Monaco or France, he must adhere to the rules regarding entry and residence of foreigners in the country. 

Work Permit 

Before expats can work in Monaco, they are required to possess a valid work permit. In general, the prospective employer of the foreign national will be the one to obtain permission in writing from the Direction du Travail et Des Affaires Sociales Service de L’Emploi (The Employment Office) in Monaco. But first, the employer must advertise the position in the Employment Office, which will provide a Monegasque candidate for the company. In the event that no Monegasque national is qualified for the job, the employer can put forward the application of a foreign national. 

The primary job of the employer is to present a work contract for the expat employee, which should first be approved by the Employment Office. Upon approval, the expat worker can start applying for a visa from the French Consular authorities in his home country. 

Long-Stay Visa 

Expats who have a work contract in Monaco for more than 90 days should apply for the long-stay visa whereas the application process usually takes about two to three months. Take note that the Consular or France will only forward the request to the immigration authorities in Monaco and is not capable of expediting the process. Some of the documents that expats must bring during the application are: 

  • Valid Passport
  • Several passport-sized photos
  • Work Contract (stamped by the Labour Department in Monaco)
  • Recent police record/certificate stating that the applicant is clean from any criminal record
  • Medical Certificate