Current Account

Expats often have money sitting around the world, especially when they have loved ones or assets and properties which they continue to maintain in their home countries. As the term implies, an international account is one which can be used anywhere in the world by the expat himself or by a receiver of money he sends offshore. This international account also allows one to have access to multi currency related accounts, to ATMs abroad and or set up direct debits or standing order payments.It is important for expats to seek a more comprehensive understanding of Current Account. In many cases expatriates will be moving money to and from abroad and with a good knowledge of Current Account, expats will finds additional ways to manage their personal finances. In this section, you will find various resources related to Current Account from international banking to payment requirements, multi-currency accounts and more.

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Browse a selection of current accounts specially designed to meet the needs of expatriates and people with international lifestyle.

Day-to-day cash management in different currencies around the world.
As an expatriate you benefit from our preferential fee structure “Expat Investors”:

  • No transfer fees for bank transactions
  • Reimbursement of transfer fees charged by your bank
  • Reduced foreign exchange fees
  • 50 % discount on the annual account management fees
  • 50% discount on the annual fees for an international bank card (Visa, Mastercard)

Minimum requirement
EUR 50,000
Payment methods
International debit and credit card, deferred debit cards available
Multi currency account
26 currencies: euro, US dollar, pound sterling, Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, etc.
Phone Internet