Motif Investing

Motif Investing

Invest in the world around you. With a motif.

Motif Investing is all about bringing you ideas and providing an innovative investing platform where you invest in motifs and share your opinions.

Motif Investing’ Key Benefits:

-    Invest in carefully researched motifs or ideas
-    Have complete control to customise your motifs (portfolios)
-    Get great value with no management with one low commission

How it works

1.    Choose a motif. Motifs are meticulously researched and cleverly weighted portfolios of up to 30 stocks based on investment ideas and trends. Browse through various motifs from their catalogue.

2.    Get diversification. Buying multiple motifs allows you to get diversification across investment ideas.

3.    Take control. Customise your motif to the way you want it. You can add or remove stocks and change their weightings because you own each individual stock.

4.    Share ideas. The Motif Investing platforms allows you to discuss investment ideas, whether it is with your friends or other Motif members.

5.    Enjoy amazing value. You pay one low commission of $9.95 for a motif containing up to 30 stocks, with no management fees.