International School Advisory in Morocco

Finding an international school for expat children residing in Morocco is hardly a problem because the country has a number of reputable ones. Among the international schools in Morocco are The American School of Marrakesh, Casablanca American School, George Washington Academy, and Rabat American School. Just like in other private schools, these international institutions of education demand tuition fees, and it varies from school to school.

The proper way of moving overseas is to move with the best preparations, and that includes enlisting the services of professionals. A well-established school placement assistance provider for expats in Morocco and worldwide is School Choice International. SCI has been helping families move overseas with fewer complications and smoother transitions, thanks to its expert consultants and global resources.

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Accreditation and teachers' qualifications are only two respects in which the many schools of Morocco vary. To help expat families sort through their options and make the best choices, the Good Schools Guide International provides advisory services. GSGI is different from the rest in that people providing advice are expats themselves, parents and local educators who all have first-hand knowledge and experiences with the local academic system.

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