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Morocco is one of the favourite expats destinations in the world because of its diverse influences, multi-cultural communities and good weather. Its proximity to Europe offers a great ground for tele services companies, tech startups and if not the promise of prosperous employment opportunities then an idyllic retirement environment. As you start a new life in this beautiful country, you should know that housing, education, transportation and necessities are not just what you have to prepare. Expats like you who are going abroad should always have a reliable health care insurance to back them up in the time of utmost need. Protecting your health should be a priority and here are some of the important facts about how you can do it in Morocco.

Getting Insurance 

One of the benefits that you should have from your employer is a decent medical coverage as part of your relocation package in Morocco. It should be in your contract as an expat abroad, and you can contact the Human Resource department if you have any questions or clarifications about your policy. If you are planning to retire in Morocco, access to affordable private medical insurance will be a challenge, so make sure to get pricing from multiple providers and consider the level of benefits you will need).

You should check if your company’s insurance broker is licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Finances, the branch of the local government of the Kingdom of Morocco that ensures all insurance companies are operating legally. You can contact them at

It is reported that less than 30% of the Moroccan population have medical insurance. But as an expat, you have the option to get one from the different international and local insurance brokers in the country. AXA Global Healthcareis an international company that offers top of the line health coverage for expats in the country. Another choice for you is the Atlanta Insurance Companies, Morocco a local company which provides different types of coverage such as health, home, and car insurance.

Importance of Insurance

The famous line that says ‘prevention is better than cure’ perfectly applies in Morocco. The CDC or Centre for Disease Control, America strongly suggests that you get vaccinations against tetanus, measles, diphtheria, rabies, hepatitis A and B as well as typhoid. Bad stomach can also be a problem since you will still be adjusting to the local food and water supply. You should also be very cautious when travelling or driving because vehicular accidents are also common on the roads of Morocco.

Having a good medical insurance is important in Morocco since the public health care system is quite inadequate and services in private hospitals are expensive. Though the above-recommended vaccinations will not give you immunity to the illnesses, it will still help prevent you from acquiring one. You should also know that health care insurance also covers regular check-ups, physical exams, laboratories and vitamins that can keep your body in good condition.

Local Insurance in Morocco

It is best for you to expect that the health care system in Morocco is not as advanced and developed as those in Western countries. All Moroccans and registered citizens are required to be under the public or private sectors of the Assurance Maladie Obligatoire (AMO). Government and public companies employees receive coverage from the Caisse Nationale des Organismes de Prevoyance Sociale” (CNOPS). If you are working for a private company, you will receive health care from the Caisse Nationale de Securite Sociale” (CNSS). The cost of medical service in the country is pricey and most of the best facilities are only available in central cities such as Marrakesh, Casablanca and Rabat.

Because of Morocco’s underdeveloped health care system, you should consider getting an international insurance policy. Some of the local providers have limited coverage for the lifestyle and nature of work of an expat like you. You can also find assurance in the financial stability of the international companies since most of them are multinational and have been handling the protection of thousands of expats all over the world.


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