Single Trip Travel Insurance in Morocco

For first-time tourists to Morocco, it is important to take out a travel insurance single trip before visiting the country. The insurance protects them and gives a sense of security that in the event of an unpleasant experience, such as an accident, medical emergency or even flight cancellations, they will be covered.


Since 1990, the International Medical Group (IMG) has been providing expats top-notch insurance plans. Many expats in Morocco are protected under the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance. This short-term travel medical insurance provides cover for basic hospital treatments, hospitalisation and doctor’s consultations. Its policy benefits limits range from US$50,000 to US$2M.

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Many expats in Morocco trust HCC Medical Insurance Services for their travel insurance needs. HCC’s Atlas Travel Insurance provides cover for basic hospital care, hospital accommodation, Intensive Care Unit charges and physical therapy. Expats are also offered emergency medical evacuation for a maximum of US$1M. Speak with an HCC specialist today for details!

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