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P.O. Box 147-1009, San José, Costa Rica


ABC MOVERS is a new company in the international relocating market. It offers an array of premium services that can match the needs of every local and foreign customer. With almost ten years of experience in service, ABC MOVERS takes moving to a new level. It centers on experience, efficiency, professionalism, and trustworthiness as it answers to every single one of your moving needs. Relocating in Costa Rica can become overwhelming but with the help of an expert company like ABC MOVERS, relocating can also turn into a relaxing experience. Customers can choose from the local moving services, long distance moving services or storage services of ABC MOVERS. The group of relocating consultants at ABC MOVERS are also highly skilled in keeping you updated with the latest and most cost-effective way to move your household furniture, office equipment, vehicles, and other valuable possession to Costa Rica in no time.


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