A convenient way to collect and manage your postal mail while away from your home base.

Earth Class Mail offers an easy way for expatriates to receive their postal mail online, from wherever they’re located.

The company delivers your postal mail - online - to anywhere in the world you have access to an Internet connection.

Earth Class Mail scans the outside of each envelope so you can see what it is, and then make choices about each piece. You can have it opened and the contents scanned so you can read it right away, or recycle it at the touch of a button. You can also choose to shred private information, or even archive important documents.

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Key features

  • Recycle all the junk with a click of your mouse
  • Have ECM securely scan the contents so you can read it online
  • Shred sensitive information
  • Forward the original to you or someone else
  • Forward the electronic document to whomever you choose
  • Archive the originals at our facility

You can still get the original item if you want it, but most customers find they want what’s inside the envelope and love the fact that they can get it electronically and view it right away. Customers also love that they can then send items to someone else so easily, like an accountant or lawyer.

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