US Global Mail

US Global Mail

US Global Mail will make sure your mail gets to you in a cost effective and timely manner.

As it is a hassle to receive important packages and bills while you are away from home; with that in mind, US Global Mail offers automatic forwarding options that take the worry out of leaving home for an extended period.

US Global Mail has industry leading mail forwarding technology. If you want a fixed schedule for forwarding we can provide that. But if you want more control US Global Mail's powerful system will afford you flexibility that is unmatched by anyone.

How It Works

  • A package arrives at US Global Mail's offices
  • It gets entered into the system and filed (you will be notified via email if you choose)
  • The next time you log on, you see all your mail in your personal mailbox *
  • Choose what mail is junk, what you want shipped to you and how *
  • US Global Mail's team will prepare your package (repacking it to save you money, if you'd like)

*For Premium and Corporate customers only.

Your package arrives wherever you are, anywhere in the world!

Mail Forwarding For Everyone

This is mail forwarding for everyone. Already US Global Mail has customers who are U.S. expatriates, frequent travellers, international businesses, and plenty of normal people. Since we offer highly competitive rates forwarding your mail to anywhere in the world is quite affordable. With our custom repackaging service we can often reduce your shipping charges between 10% and 50%.

Value Service

US Global Mail's value service offering is targeted at the customer that wants reliable domestic or international mail forwarding on a fixed time schedule. Choose whether you want us to send your mail daily (with same day turnaround guaranteed), weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Then decide which carrier you would like us to use to ship letters and packages. US Global Mail then let you decide a pre-set level of insurance, whether it be based on the retail or wholesale value of the merchandise, or no insurance at all. At any time, you can log in to your account to view a complete shipping history and track your shipments directly from our site.

US Global Mail puts you in full control over how your packages get shipped and how much you pay.

Premium service

Global Mail's premium service offering is targeted at the consumer that desires the most control. With US Global Mail's fully integrated account functions, you are able to view your mail in real time with price quotes covering a wide variety of shippers and delivery speeds. Instruct the company which items to repackage or throw away. Then, track your shipments directly through Global Mail's website and view a complete history of your account activity.

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