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Animals First GesmbH (Formerly Animals First Bogner OG)


Objekt 610
Vienna, Austria

Services Provided

  • Boarding
  • Custom / Modified Kennels
  • Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Import/Export

About Animals First GesmbH (Formerly Animals First Bogner OG)

Animals First GesmbH (Formerly Animals First Bogner OG) is an international pet relocation company of choice when you wish to receive a high standard of service for your animal companion who is going on a trip. The company has pet-friendly airlines as partners for transport and relocation of your furry friends making the move in both domestic and international setting safe and comfortable for them. It also allows the animal owner to feel at ease knowing that their pets are int the hands of competent people and the treatment is first-class. Animal First has excellent import and export handling as well as customary and veterinary clearance always ready to make sure that transport is going to be smooth. When it comes to the most tedious tasks in relocation, the Animal First also have documentation services that process the booking, airway bill and other required paperwork for a successful pet transportation.


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