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Ferrier Air Cargo AG


Fracht West, CH-8058 Zurich-Airport / Switzerland

About Ferrier Air Cargo AG

People who go to work happy and those who enjoy their everyday activities are usually the best workers you can get. This is especially important for the people whose job is to deal with living things, for example, animals. Ferrier Air Cargo AG is a company with happy employees who love animals and have committed their whole lives to their safety and happiness. That is the reason many people from different parts of the world decide to hire the Ferrier Air Cargo AG when they want to transport their pets. Thousands of more than satisfied clients are the best guarantee for the high quality of service this company will provide to you and your little friend. All you need to do is to contact them and give them specifications of what and when you exactly need their services. After you finish that, you can lay down and relax, because Ferrier Air Cargo AG will do the rest.


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