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Porsch International


Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Services Provided

  • Bird Care
  • Grooming
  • Custom / Modified Kennels
  • Long Distance Road Transport

Services Arranged

  • Care for Other Exotics
  • Ground Transport Only - no air
  • Standard Size Airline Kennels

About Porsch International

Porsch International is a relocation company from Taiwan whose main goal is to help you in relocating your beloved pets from one place to another anywhere in the world. Therefore, no matter where you live, you are more than welcome to contact the polite and professional staff from Porsch International company. Of course, in a moment of time you will receive information on the best ways and shortest routes of pet relocation. If you set your mind on bringing your pet with you to a new address, you can relocate it easily by sea, air or inland transportation and with the help of pet lovers and specialists from an outstanding relocation company such as Porsch International. Your pet will surely have a safe, secure and full service during its trip and once you see it at your doorstep, you will instantly notice that the personnel from Porsch International took care of it. What is more, the company will make sure all the paperwork is done properly, so you won't have any problems with the export or import of your dear animal friend. Once you hire Porsch International, you will surely want to continue working with them. Don't hesitate to make everything easier with Porsch International.


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