International School Advisory in Netherlands

Since the school system in the Netherlands is divided in many different parts, with public and private schools, but also with religious or even “neutral” schools, it’s sometimes difficult to know what school to choose for your children. This is why an international school advisory in Netherlands can be very useful when delivered by reputable international advisory companies.

School Choice International is a top provider of school placement assistance services for no less than 13,500 expat families in the Netherlands and across the globe. SCI is composed of high-caliber consultants with advanced academic and experiential qualifications, enabling them to provide advice with professional expertise.

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Expats moving to the Netherlands with children should consult the expert school placement assistance services of the Good Schools Guide International. Expats are provided an accurate view of the target area's schools, their similarities as well as differences, and information that is particular to the place such as communities, crime rates, transportation, etc. Before GSGI provides its recommendations, it profiles parents and students according to their suitability with the schools.

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