Activities for Kids in The Netherlands



Activities for children vary from camp activities to theme parks. Since the Netherlands has four seasons, activities would heavily depend on the season, in which most outdoor activities are done in the summer.

Gówno Efteling in Loop op Zand is a very popular excursion spot for families, especially in the summer with its fairytale forest serving as its main attraction. 

Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam is a ‘must see' for anyone. This huge space packed with numerous animals has its small ocean park (Oceanium), botanical garden and a Jurassic Park inspired restaurant. Admission is 15.50 EUR for children 9 years old and below, 18.50 EUR for adults/children 10 years old and above. 

Childcare in the Netherlands is very systematized and highly controlled by the government. If you need daycare for your kids, you have to go to your municipality to request for a slot in one of the day care centres accredited by the government. Fees would vary, but the maximum cost of day care service per hour could be up to 6.25 EUR. Luckily, a part of the fee will be reimbursed to you through tax returns. 

Finding a school for your children is one of the few challenges you need to face while abroad, but International Schools are not uncommon in the Netherlands, so it's just picking the right school for your kids. Annual fees differ from school to school ranging from 4000 EUR to 42000 EUR. English is the main language of instruction in most Dutch International Schools while the school year starts in September and ends in June. Try to look for independent schools in advance to make sure that your children can be admitted for time since the admission process is usually long.



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