Basics of working in Amsterdam



It is recommended that you secure a job with a company in Amsterdam before relocating. Unless you’re an EU or EEA (European Economic Area) citizen, it might be difficult to land a job when you’re looking for a job on a tourist visa. The major job industries in the city are financial services, food processing, gas, and chemicals. If you are looking for a job in the city, you would have a better shot at finding employment under these fields.

Job Search

You could try looking for a job online at the following websites:

Holidays and Days off

Public Holidays in Amsterdam: 

New Year’s Day                     

January 1

Good Friday

A day in March/April

Easter Monday

A day in March/April

Queen’s Day                                                      

April 30

National Remembrance Day                         

May 4

Liberation Day                                                  

May 5

Ascension Day                                                  

A day in May

Pentecost Day                                                  

A day in May/June


December 5

Christmas Day                                                   

December 25

Boxing Day                                                      

December 26